Handcrafted Coffee Set

Handcrafted Coffee Set The most amazing collection of Unique Designer Coffee pot with four matching cups to inspire your table with the outer matt finish and the inner dark glossy glaze set to entertain your families, friends, or guests. Handcrafted coffee set brings the perfect smooth touch and elegance to every sip of your drink. All glazes are food safe (lead-free).
  • Handmade & original unique
  • Materials: Pottery, glaze in dark brown gloss,, stoneware, plastic free
The classic shape of its body, the uniqueness of its lid, and the length of its spout are all thoroughly designed to showcase its candidness. Volume of the Coffee Pot   : 435 ml Volume of the Cup     : 100 ml Package contains        : Coffee Pot with lid , 4 matching Cups Maintenance & Care: The Exterior is unglazed, only rinse out and rinse with hot water before each use to warm up the pot and make it more receptive to the brewing process. Wash & Care : Wipe with damp cloth. Wash with warm water, use mild soap and soft sponge if required. Do not scrub. Dry completely before storing.
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