Handcrafted Tea Set

Handcrafted handy tea set collection is for the best of experiences for your quick and short gatherings. Mostly suits with the darker teas, such as black tea. Because of the dark glazed clay interior, the flavors of the tea stay infused inside the pot. A full set of exquisite tea service with the unique teapot design, will brings you a touch of classic and friendly lifestyle and a pleasant mood.
  • Handmade & original unique
  • Materials: Pottery, glaze in dark brown gloss, Wheel thrown, stoneware, plastic free
The classic shape of its body, the uniqueness of its lid, and the length of its spout are all thoroughly designed to showcase its candidness. Volume of the Tea Pot   : 1.2L Volume of the Cup     : 200ml Package contains        : Tea Pot with lid , 6 matching Cups with 6 saucers, Gong Dao cup/Cream pitcher, Sugar Bowl Maintenance & Care: The Exterior is unglazed, only rinse out and rinse with hot water before each use to warm up the pot and make it more receptive to the brewing process. Wash & Care : Wipe with damp cloth. Wash with warm water, use mild soap and soft sponge if required. Do not scrub. Dry completely before storing The interior is glazed, wash as usual; More benefits/details of the Handcraft Tea Pot: A glaze is a thin vitreous layer formed on tableware by application of special materials and secured to the surface by firing at high temperatures. They are applied to bodies to make them impervious, mechanically stronger and resistant to scratching, chemically more inert and more pleasing to the touch and eye
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