Red Clay Dinnerware Set

The ergonomic designed, earthen dinner set is conventional & elegant tableware of its kind. A perfect way to serve the traditional style entertainments at your home and can be used for traditional cuisine restaurants to retain the taste and moisture in the food served. It is organically handmade out of red clay, fired at high temperatures by the studio potters of Ceylon crafty. It can handle warm food.  It is a green product, made from natural resources and is completely Lead Free and its smooth surface makes it perfectly easy to wash and have a lovely meal with your loved ones.
  • The Red Clay water Vessel to store water for your needs of drinks after your meal. 
  • Select your decorative tattooed red clay vessel with any of the most eye catch design with a pinch of bud design or stripped line design.
 Plates  : (Diameter-25m) Curry Dishes     : 500 ml Curry plate        : 500 ml Glass : 300 ml      Clay Vessel with lid : 3120 ml Rice Pot with lid : 3000 ml Package contains  : 04 Plates , 03 Curry Dishes, 01 Curry plate ,04 clay glasses, Clay Vessel with lid, Rice pot with lid
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