Red Clay Pan Set

Red Clay Pan Set A roti pan is a round griddle used for making roti. A roti pan is also called a Tawa pan or chapati pan. Roti pans can be made from a variety of materials, but for a healthier cooking lifestyle …most suitable selection is the Red Clay Pan set.  You can also use a roti pan for cooking stir-fried vegetables, pancakes, and eggs for an omelet, too.  It is a green product, made from natural resources and is completely Lead Free and this roti pan for home is an ideal kitchen accessory for families who love making roti and other flatbread dishes. The pan does not have any synthetic coating or chemicals. A silicone handle holder will protect your hands from heat.  Frying pan : inner diameter – 9.5 inch Handle ( Heat Resistant ) – length - Serving pan : 135ml lid suitably sized to both the pans : diameter  Kithul spatula :length :  coconut shell spoon with tiny holes : length :
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