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Ceyloncrafty was established with multidisciplinary innovative personalities in the fields of engineering, manufacturing and ceramic arts. It focusses on carry out research, development and commercialization in the field of Earthenware (includes glazed or unglazed non vitreous pottery) design, production and marketing. In addition to that we are happy to provide Earthenware related consulting and advisory services to the national and international community, industry and academia, build and enhance the human capacity in design, production and marketing of earthenware. We maintain a strong research and development culture at Ceyloncrafty and look at unique design with greater userability.

We have our traditional ways of producing clay-based products. Most of these methods have been indigenously developed to suit modern customer expectations. This combination of aesthetics and functionality helps creators to produce artistic clayware. Ceyloncrafty workshop is located along with the Kelani River where a clay rich riverbank that has been home to potter communities for centuries. Ceyloncrafty workshop is filled with fun & joy. There are people sat on potter’s wheels that have traditionally named as ‘sakaporuwa’, they works with a red clay as well as white clay. We are set of experts who are getting colors with naturel ingredients collected by the river.

When the clay items are leather hard that are polished to a shine with bits of plastic on the wheel. Then coloring is applied according to the desired design and when it is dry the etching can begin. There are set of creative people etched the intricate and beautiful traditional and modern designs with speed and precision. They work free hand and with no preplanning, leaving no room for error and it is totally hand crafted.

Our History

Rapidiously productize clicks-and-mortar schemas via magnetic supply chains. Holisticly extend customer directed total linkage with.

Rapidiously productize clicks-and-mortar schemas via magnetic supply chains. Holisticly extend customer directed total linkage with standards compliant best practices.

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Wheel throwing is typically involves shaping clay on the “potter’s wheel”. The wheel’s centrifugal force allows potters to create vessels with precision and quality, allowing for more refined and thinner vessels.

The clay is left to dry for a few days after the throwing process. When it becomes drier, it can then be trimmed to remove the excess clay.

The modifications such as pattern-carving trimming or finishing, polishing or the attaching of handles is done at this stage as well to produce the final refined form.

 It is ready to be fired. Usually several pieces are fired at one time. The weather must be good, the ground must be warm and the pots themselves can’t be too cool.

The mound is then covered and wood tinder is set on fire along the bottom to start the blaze. The firing is part of what gives each pot its uniqueness. Firing completes the process. 

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